Omega Man Sizing Guide

How to Measure for Your Perfect Omega Man

To fit properly, Omega Man should be tight enough to restrict blood flow but should be loose enough to get on and off easily.

To measure yourself for Omega Man, take a string and slip it behind your testicles and pull it up around the top of your penis (where it meets your body).

Important: Pull the string as tights as possible to ensure your Omega Man is snug enough and fits properly!

Mark the string on both sides with a marker or pen where it comes together at snugness that's comfortable for you. Remove the string and measure between the marks (in inches). This measurement will give you the circumference around your balls to the top of you penis. Use this measurement in the chart below for the best size Omega Man for you. If you are in between sizes, choose the smaller diameter for maximum pleasure.

Conversion Table

Circumference (string length in inches)

Diameter of Omega Man to Order (inches)

4.0" (or less)  to  5.5"


5.6"  to  7.5"


7.6"  to  8.5" (or greater)



Make sure to always remove your Omega Man after 60 minutes (maximum). Ideally, you should not wear it more than 30 minutes at a time. Always allow your penis to rest before you put on a cock ring again.

Learn all the warning signs that tell you there is something wrong. The most common problem is that the ring is too tight. Warning signs include: major discomfort, pain, extremely pronounced veins, tenderness, loss of sensation, narrowing of the shaft near the cock ring, change of color (especially if the surface of the penis becomes blue in places) or any other thing that may seem off. If you experience any of these sensations, remove Omega Man immediately. If the erection persists so it is difficult to remove Omega Man, try using lube or ice to make it easier to remove. These warning signs should not be ignored! If the problem persists even hours after the removal of the cock ring, it is recommended to consult your doctor.

If you have any underlying medical condition, such as diabetes, you should not wear cock rings. If in doubt, consult your doctor. It is advisable to consult your doctor before deciding to try any new sex toy. Make sure that it is safe for you to use such a sex toy. This is recommended for everyone, particularly people who have a specific medical condition.